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Print on Demand


  • A3 Size and below Digital printing

       - Flyer, Booklet, etc

  • Customised Brochure Holders

  • ID Card

  • Button Badge printing

  • Paper Label (Mirrorkote Sticker)

  • Vinyl Label

  • Magnet Printing

  • Namecard

  • Invitation Card

  • Static Decal

  • Tent Card

  • Wobbler


Email us now for pricing.

Finishing Services


On top of printing, we offer the following finishings :-

 - Hot Stampings in vary colors like

   blue, red, orange, yellow, gold,

   silver, etc.

 - Die-cutting

 - Hot lamination

 - Cold lamination

Email us now for pricing.

Binding Services


Wire-O - from $3.00/book

Wire-O, the most popular binding style with 34 holes.  It opens without a “step-up,” lies perfectly flat, and allows for multiple stock weights and dimensions. Wire-O is ideal for manuals, notebooks, free standing calendars or any other application that requires leaving both hands free during use. A range of cover designs is also possible, including split back, semi concealed, fully concealed wraparound, built in easel and more.



  • Document thickness up to 120 pcs

  • A4 or A3 size

  • 0.18mm Clear Binding Cover

  • 260gsm Paper Back Cover

  • Lots of choices of colors for ring

Email us now for pricing.

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